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I think since I’ve played InFamous: Second Son, my favourite headcanon is Transguy Delsin Rowe.

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My grandma just told me about when she was evacuated with her sister during the war. I didn’t know she went through that.

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honestly why are all these marauder’s era edits portraying them styled like they’re from the 50’s teddy boy era or something

really if they wore muggle clothes it’d be more like


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The Sony guy that comes to Romford every second Friday is kinda cute. Also, i think I’m staying in Romford from now on. I don’t have my computer down here yet so I’ll still be pretty inactive for a while but I’ll be back to my previous posting of nonsense soon enough.

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I dunno what’s worse about sleeping on my back… The sleep paralysis, or the sharp pain I keep getting in my right lung…

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I wonder if the cute girl knows I’ve got a massive crush on her… Maybe that’s why she talks to me cause I do inadvertently smile every time she talks to me and she has caught me looking over at her so you never know… Or maybe she just thinks im being friendly.

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I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results

I swear to god in gonna have a fucking heart attack if that cute girl keeps talking to me oh my god. I was playing solitaire on my phone and I look up and she’s walking towards me and I had an internal meltdown but managed to muster up a “Hi!” and an “I’m good” in response to her “Hey” and “You alright?” so that’s good.

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If that cunts cat has parvo and has given it to my cats im going to fucking kill him I swear to fucking grep. He was supposed to be out of the house while I’m in Romford but he wont leave and apparently he’s hit my mum now which is great so she’s trying to get the police to get him to leave. I’m going to kill him. I’m not even joking. He tries to break my wrist that’s one thing. He hurts my mum and endangers the lives of my cats and that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

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Chin up, other us, there’s always next time.

She keeps walking past and she just said she likes my trainers I think I may die

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I wanna talk to her but there’s this little thing called self confidence which I utterly lack. Also my voice has this habit of being too damn high for me to want to speak.

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